Eleanor Laing pays tribute to Lady Thatcher

I am very sad to hear the news of Margaret Thatcher’s death.  She has been such an important figure in our lives for so long it is impossible to imagine life without her.

She was enormously popular here in Epping Forest.  People really appreciated her belief, her values, her determination and her hard work for the country that she loved.  She really transformed Britain during the 1980’s and she made a huge difference to the lives of millions of people.

On a personal level, I admired her very much.  I first met her when I was in my twenties and hoping to have the chance to stand for Parliament.  She gave me great encouragement and good advice.  Margaret Thatcher brought invaluable benefits for all women in public life.  Because of what she did nobody can say that there is any role in which a woman cannot succeed and indeed excel.

She was so positive and so energetic.  She was also a very kind and motherly figure - an aspect of her character that was not widely recognised. 

Even over these last few months I was still excited every time I met her and fascinated by our conversations.

Margaret Thatcher was truly unique.  We will miss her very much.