Epping Forest runner-up in National Excellence Award

At the Conservative Party’s National Excellence Awards Ceremony on Monday, 20th May 2013, Epping Forest Conservative Association was the runner up for the prestigious National Excellence Award for Membership.  The Awards are the highest awards the Conservative Party presents to our voluntary party, and they are presented to outstanding associations and longstanding members.

Emma Pidding, the Chairman of the National Conservative Convention, who is the most senior volunteer in the Conservative Party, was also on hand to congratulate Epping Forest for their work this year.

Cllr Gagan Mohindra, said:
“I was incredibly honoured to attend the Conservative Party’s National Excellence Awards Ceremony and for Epping Forest to be nominated for the Membership Award.

“During this year we have worked with our member of parliament to listen to residents.  Locally we are working hard to ensure that people’s priorities are taken seriously.
“We are one of the most active associations in the country, because we campaign so actively in our local community, stand up for our residents in our council chamber and at Westminster, and have a wide range of active branches.
“We are incredibly grateful to Eleanor Laing M.P. for being such an active part of this community and breathing new life into our association at such a vital time.”

There are a number of active branches in the Conservative Association:

  • Epping Forest Conservative Future (those aged up to 30) offer an active branch of young activists interested in campaigning, developing a career in politics, and a great social programme;
  • Epping Women’s Branch has regular meetings and social functions for Conservative women across the constituency;
  • The Supper Club organises suppers and receptions every other month where we hear from special guest speakers; and,
  • The Epping Forest Business Forum provides a networking opportunity for businesses across Epping Forest with Conservatives.
  • Also we have local branches for every town in the Parliamentary Constituency for local issues to be identified, discussed and acted upon.

If you want to get involved with any of the forums, please call Thatcher House 020 8508 6608, or e-mail Jane@EppingForestConservatives.com