Immigration and Crime Discussions with Damian Green

Epping Forest Conservatives held a discussion dinner with Home Office Minister Damian Green.
Mr Green highlighted the work which has been done to cut immigration and also focused on issues such as visas and also the Government’s work to cut crime.

Epping Forest MP Eleanor Laing said: “Damian spoke about all that the Government has done over the last three years in spite of the obstacles that are inevitably in the way because of the Coalition.”
Immigration facts:
- Immigration has been cut by one-third since the General Election
- The number of visas issued last year is falling which would suggest the above trend will continue
- They have set an earning threshold of £18,600 for anyone wishing to bring a spouse or partner from outside the EU to the UK

- The reforms to the student visa system to prevent abuse resulted in a 30 per cent reduction in the number of student visas issued in the year to
June 2012 compared to the previous year
Crime facts:
- Crime has been reduced by 10 per cent since the General Election
- the proportion of police officers on the frontline is increasing
- '' has been launched, a street-by-street level crime map with local data.