Lib Dem Councillor Defects to Conservatives

Councillor Mrs Lynn Hughes, who has represented the Hemnall ward on Epping Town Council since May 2011, has defected from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservatives. The Conservatives now hold 11 of the 12 seats on Epping Town Council.

Councillor Mrs Hughes said "I've become increasingly disillusioned with the Liberal Democrats and their inability to get things done for the residents of Epping. It was a very difficult decision to leave the Party but, after careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that it is the Conservatives who best represent the interests of Epping and have the ability to make a positive difference to the Town."

Commenting on Councillor Hughes decision, Epping Forest MP Eleanor Laing said "I'm delighted to welcome Lynn to the Conservative Party. Her bold move reflects what the voters told us in the recent local elections - that it is the Conservatives who deliver on their promises here in Epping Forest".