Support for Park Home residents against site owners

Epping Forest MP Eleanor Laing has given her strong support to a parliamentary Bill on mobile home sites which includes a reform of the licensing arrangements.

The Mobile Homes Bill, introduced by Waveney MP Peter Aldous, aims to improve the conditions on mobile home sites and tackle the abusive practices in this sector.

The Bill had its Second Reading in the House of Commons on Friday.

Mrs Laing said: “I have raised the matter of Park Homes several times in the House of Commons. I have met many Park Home residents and know the issues with our local parks very well.

"I am therefore very pleased that Peter Aldous MP has brought forward this Private Member's Bill and I am doing everything I can to support him.

“This sector is in urgent need of reform to protect home owners, many of whom are elderly and vulnerable.

“The Bill will put the park home sector on a sustainable footing for the future through reforms which will target the worst practices while minimising the burdens on good operators."

The Bill includes measures to reform the licensing system, prevent site owners from blocking residents' sales in the open market, clarify the law on harassment and make it an offence to say something which is untrue to prevent a home being sold.

Pitch fee reviews will be made more transparent and new rules will set out what is to be taken into account on a review so they are fairer and reflect the condition of the site.

The Bill will also allow the Secretary of State to introduce a registration scheme in the future if necessary.

Speaking during the debate on Friday, Mrs Laing suggested owners of Park Home sites were “deliberately getting around the law and finding a legal loophole to make the lives of park home residents a misery, simply for the sake of making money”.

She added: “They are using disgusting bullying tactics to do that, which is why the Bill is so important.

“It is brilliant that this Bill is before us today. Previous Governments have tried and failed to close the loopholes in the law, because the owners of park homes sites who are deliberately flouting the law and using the loopholes can well afford to pay lawyers to get around the law.

Today, we can give power to the people who need it - our local authorities and others, who will use it on behalf of our constituents, who need our protection.”