Thanks for your support - Nick Alston, Essex Police & Crime Commissioner

Congratulations to Nick Alston on being elected as our first Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex.

The results were as follows:

1st Count - Epping Forest - just over 10,000 residents voted (10.34% of electorate)

Nick Alston, Con -  4285
Ind (Belgrove) -    1221
Labour -            1482
UKIP -              983
Ind, Thwaites -     1270
Eng Democrats -     761

These figures were added to the other 13 counts to produce the following voting figures across the County:
Nick Alston -                   51,325
Mick Thwaites, Independent -    40,132
Labour -                        27,926
Linda Belgrove, Independent -   22,163
UKIP -                          15,138
English Democrats -             11,550

This meant that Nick Alston and Mick Thwaites went through to the 2nd round where the 2nd preference votes of the other 4 candidates were added to the top 2 candidates, if applicable. (In Epping Forest Nick Alston gained an additional 744 votes and Mick Thwaites an extra 933 votes - the remaining votes were invalid, mostly because they were cast for losing candidates.)

Over the County as a whole, there were an additional 29,557 votes valid out of the possible 76,777 ballot papers. Nick Alston gained 11,025 of these and Mick Thwaites 18,532.

So the final result was:   

62,350  NICK ALSTON: ELECTED (Majority of 3,686)
3,686    Majority            

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to those who supported Nick.