District Council Candidates

Jo Share- Bernia - Buckhurst Hill West Ward Candidate

I am standing as your District council Candidate in the forthcoming elections in May.  I want to hear from you about your concerns in Buckhurst Hill. I Chair the Parish Council Recreation and Community Committee and as such organise, with others, events and community activities such as security and parking complaints. I am concerned with ensuring the Environment continues to improve for our residents of Buckhurst Hill as well as activities often in conjunction with Buckhurst Hill Residents and Community Associations.

Neville Wright - Buckhurst Hill East Ward Candidate

I am standing as your East Ward District Council Candidate in the Forthcoming election in May. I am pleased to be standing again as your district representative in the forthcoming May 2018 elections. Since I have been Chairman of the Parish Council I have frozen any Council tax rise on the parish for the second year.