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Eleanor LaingThese are extraordinarily turbulent times in British politics. You may well be thinking that it is inconvenient to have a General Election in December, at a time when you would prefer to concentrate on planning for and enjoying the Festive Season. We need this Election, however, to replace the current “hung parliament” with a strong government that can make positive decisions.  Whether you voted “leave” or “remain” back in 2016, most people here in Epping Forest tell me that they want Parliament to honour the result of the Referendum. That is what Boris Johnson wants to do.  But he can only do it if he is backed up by a solid majority of Conservative MPs. This Election gives you the chance to play your part in ending the indecision and setting our great country on course for a bright future.  It gives us all the chance to vote for the things we care about, such as more money for the NHS, more police officers on our streets and more resources for every school. So, come on, let’s back Boris, get Brexit done and grasp the opportunities that lie ahead! I sincerely hope that I can count on your vote on Thursday, 12th December. 


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