Epping Sports Centre - The Facts


A number of residents have contacted us to express their concern about misleading and worrying claims about #Epping Sports Centre, which have been made during this election campaign by candidates from other parties, purely for political gain.

The FACTS about Epping Sports Centre:

- Epping Conservative candidates support the retention of a sports centre in Epping itself. This will be in the Epping Neighbourhood Plan.

- In the short term, Epping Sports Centre isn't going anywhere. In partnership with Places for People, EFDC has just completed a £1million+ update with improvements to the gym and brand new fitness spaces.

- In the long term EFDC have aspirations to build another brand new centre with better facilities & better parking. However, decisions are a long way off. Alternative locations in the Epping area are being sought. EFDC will work with Epping Town Council to identify appropriate sites. The Cabinet Member for Leisure, Cllr Helen Kane, challenged Lib Dem Cllr Jon Whitehouse to work with her to identify a site in Epping.