Holly Whitbread for Epping Lindsey and Thornwood

Holly has grown up in Epping with her family who have lived in the town for generations. Holly  is a recent graduate who studied for her undergraduate degree at Exeter University and masters degree at King's College London. Holly now faces the daily commute to London, like so many across the District. 

Holly is passionate about addressing the issues which face the residents of Epping and will provide a strong and local voice.  As a member of the Epping Town Council Holly understands the long term challenges facing her town. Holly believes that it is vital that we maintain the character of Epping by defending the green belt , protecting the environment and celebrating heritage. As a younger person who has grown up locally she believes that it is essential to look positively to the future whilst carefully preserving what makes our local area such a great place to live, work and visit.  Holly's priority is to get the best deal for local people by pressing for low council tax whilst advocating strong front line services. Holly is committed to always listening to residents, whilst, working effectively with her Conservative Party colleagues at all levels to ensure that we deliver for all residents.