Only the Conservatives spend YOUR money wisely

For the fourth year running, the Conservative-led Essex County Council has frozen your Council Tax.

Every Conservative is crucially aware that the Council has no money of its own -  it is YOUR money and that is why Conservative Councillors work hard to ensure we do not take a penny more than we need to run the services we provide for you.

Contrast this with the other Political Parties which have the same old policies of tax and spend. At this year’s County Council Budget meeting both Labour and LibDems suggested changes that as ever just increased spending - no thought as to how we have to save money, reduce costs and keep YOUR hard earned money in YOUR pockets. It is shameful!

As for UKIP, as usual they had no idea what to do to provide services to you, the public. UKIP only has one message and no policies on how to work locally for you. Voting for UKIP in local elections will just help elect a Labour or LibDem candidate  which will lead to your Council Tax rising in the future.

Please think carefully and use your local election vote wisely - VOTE CONSERVATIVE!

Can you really afford the alternative?